faiye, gyaru, del rosario

Faiye del Rosario
11may1987  167cm  Philippines

I'm a self-proclaimed [gaijin?] gyaru, working as a Graphic Artist. I'd like to share screenshots of my life, and give my 2-cents on things I fancy. :D I dream of travelling around the world [Europe and Japan being on my bucket list], collaborating on artworks with my favorite artists, and owning a revolving closet like Cher's in Clueless. Haha! Also, I have a younger sister I affectionately refer to as 'the Noob', Gabrielle [or Gab, as she prefers to be called] who loves art and music, too.

I take photos with my iPhone 4, and my Canon EOS Kiss X4; I started blogging on Xanga years ago, before I moved to casual mobile micro-blogging on Twitter and Instagram, and showcased my art pieces on deviantart and Behance.

Perry is my boyfriend since 19april2011, and we met over Instagram [believe it or not. Haha!]. He's like a boy version of me...only with 100% more beard and about 25% taller. We both love video games and Transformers, and we get along on so many levels.  I'm totes defo lucky to have him in my life.

Other Info:

Skin type: Combination. Sensitive. NC25
Style: Mix & match; usually based on my mood.
Pets: Toy Poodles Belle [Apricot/Pink; 11 years old] and Cheren [Black; 2 years old]
Interests: Art [in general], Comics and Manga, Video Games, Photography, Street Fashion, Make-up, Action Figures, Transformers, Shoes, Japanese Pop Culture, Food, Animals, Bugs [especially Spiders ], Cooking, Vintage Shops, Online Shopping.
Music I Like: Electronica, Alternative, Indie, J-electro.
 Favorite Bands: Perfume, Bloc Party, Crystal Castles, Capsule, COLTEMONIKHA, Kyary
Favorite Gyaru Models: Sayoko Ozaki, Kyou-son, Yuria Vodka, Rui Kotobuki
Favorite Clothing Lines: Tsumori Chisato, Vivienne Westwood.