15 December 2012

☆REVIEW☆ Lime Crime Poisonberry Opaque Lipstick


Good evening, ladies and germs! I haven't blogged in a looooonnnggg time; been busy at work. ;__; sorry about that. Anyway, it's no secret that I love makeup. A lot of my friends come to me for beauty advice, but honestly I just recently started dolling up; blame it on Japanese Gyaru subculture, haha! And this is one of the main reasons why I started this blog in the first place: I'd like to share my thoughts on makeup and skin care stuff! And this is my first review (although I promised I'd review a lot of my previous hauls, but there's always the next post, right?)

I give you Lime Crime's Opaque Lipstick in Poisonberry. (Photos taken with my iPhone 4)

Lime Crime Poisonberry Opaque Lipstick
Purple + Unicorn = <3

17 October 2012

☆ Haul from Geisha's Secret ☆

Dolly Wink eyeliner Diamond Lash lower lashes Rohto Lycee

If you follow my Instagram, you probably already know how much I love my false lashes and eyeliners. Welp, I ran out of my HG Dolly Wink black eyeliner a few weeks ago, and my favorite lower lashes [Dolly Wink 14; Natural Cute] may need to be replaced soon. I needed to restock soon, so I ordered stuff from Geisha's Secret.

15 October 2012

Photo Test

So I'd been taking some practice shots these past few days. :D Took my Canon Kiss X5 around and shot pretty much anything.

Roasted Strawberry cupcake from Baked by Anita! :D

My boyfriend Perry and I collect Transformer figures! Here's Frenzy from Encore Soundwave's set, and Kreo Mirage.

My toy poodles Belle [left, munching on the duster D:] and Cheren [the black one over there], sandwiching my fabulous Alpacasso from Euan's Stuff Toys!


Welp, that's it. I'll make a proper post soon. My blog is still being tweaked. Haha! Ciao~!

13 October 2012