17 October 2012

☆ Haul from Geisha's Secret ☆

Dolly Wink eyeliner Diamond Lash lower lashes Rohto Lycee

If you follow my Instagram, you probably already know how much I love my false lashes and eyeliners. Welp, I ran out of my HG Dolly Wink black eyeliner a few weeks ago, and my favorite lower lashes [Dolly Wink 14; Natural Cute] may need to be replaced soon. I needed to restock soon, so I ordered stuff from Geisha's Secret.
I usually shop online, as it's much more convenient [in my opinion, at least]; no need to look for parking, or lug around handfuls [or armfuls] of things, or even bother queueing to pay for stuff. Geisha's Secret is one of my favorite online Japanese shopping services. They offer a wide range of items; from make-up and hair color to skincare items, and even accessories! Also, as with any foreign shopping service, they can help you get stuff you want. Say, last time I ordered from them, I bought these babies, which aren't listed in their shop:

Nanoce BB Cream Amo Zipper Lashes
Holy Grail BB Cream~! And brown lashes! <3
I'll tell you guys how awesome that Nanoce BB Cream really is sometime; but first, the stuff I got recently. :D

eyedrops best eyeliner tsubasa masuwaka

holographic kawaii
The box had a holographic effect! It's a shame to throw it away...ah well.

lower lash tsukematsuge
Diamond Lash Natural Eye lower lashes!

lower lashes tsukematsuge
It's somewhat similar to my Dolly Wink 14 Natural Cute lashes.

contact lens japan drops
Rohto Lycee's nozzle; according to the packaging, it helps dispense the product at any angle.
Well, that's about it! I'll probably write a short review or two about the products I received...as well as stuff I have acquired from Geisha's Secret. :D Until the next post, guys!

Black toy poodle kawaii cute
Bonus Cheren pic!

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