15 October 2012

Photo Test

So I'd been taking some practice shots these past few days. :D Took my Canon Kiss X5 around and shot pretty much anything.

Roasted Strawberry cupcake from Baked by Anita! :D

My boyfriend Perry and I collect Transformer figures! Here's Frenzy from Encore Soundwave's set, and Kreo Mirage.

My toy poodles Belle [left, munching on the duster D:] and Cheren [the black one over there], sandwiching my fabulous Alpacasso from Euan's Stuff Toys!


Welp, that's it. I'll make a proper post soon. My blog is still being tweaked. Haha! Ciao~!


  1. wow I love your hair! <3 are these pink lenses? *woooow* <3 I'd be glad if you check my blog, then we can follow each other maybe? ^^ <3
    with love, Minnie

    1. Hey Minnie! Haha, they're actually gray EOS Puffy 3-tones. :D I'd love to get my hands on some pink lenses soon, though. :O And sure, I'd love to check your blog out! ^__^

  2. Well the pictures won't ruin your blog anyways! Nice lenses! Love to see more posts!