18 October 2012

Photodiary 1 - Bacon Dinner

cafe, dinner, food
And who wouldn't love having bacon for dinner? [inb4 vegetarians/vegans]
Had dinner with mom and my sister [who shall be referred to as Noobie or Noob or Noobiecakes in this blog starting...now!] at Bo's Coffee at High Street. While they had bacon with eggs and french toast, I settled for a nice hot cup of Matcha Green Tea. :D
Bo's Coffee Clubvegetarian, vegan
matcha, bo's coffee club, tea latte,
Faiye, gyaru, diamond lash, natural eye, girly chip green
faiye, gyaru, gaijin gyaru, diamond lash, natural eye, girly chip, green
Gab, noobie, noobiecakes, Raleigh, R'leigh, glasses, ullzang

glasses, vintage, ukay, retro, frames, specsbo's coffee, hot choco,

Walked around afterwards, and saw this huge R2D2 made from Lego bricks. I wonder how many blocks it took to build this guy?

star wars, bricks
lego, bricks, blue, white, black, gray, stacked, r2d2, star wars
gab, raleigh, r'leigh, ullzang, noob, glasses, beret, red
noob, gab, raleigh, r'leigh, faiye, gyaru, ullzang, doc martens, dms, street fashion, street snap
Lol, the noob took my photo. XD
vintage, beetle, volkswagen, green, bug, restored,

Also, saw this sweet Beetle parked near our car!
Look at the wooden panels and luggage rack!

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  1. The food... ;u; <3

    And that car~ It's such a pretty shade of green! >u<